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Diagnóstico de Necesidades para New Mexico, US [Inglés]

Publicado abril 01, 2009


Diagnóstico de Necesidades para New Mexico, US [Inglés]
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To help the Border States and local governments to plan a mitigation strategy for these conditions, the BECC has initiated an important State-by-State planning process to support border communities (local, state & regional) to identify environmental infrastructure needs and develop strategies to address those needs.

The first step in the planning task is intended to document the condition of water, wastewater, solid waste and air quality as well as
characteristics of the communities and service utilities, resulting in a Border Region Environmental Infrastructure Needs Report (EINR) for each State. BECC began the effort for US Border States with the State of New Mexico and will expand these efforts to the other Border States, following the experience and model diagnostic reflected in this report.